At a galaxy far far away, there was a planet named Bear Planet. Bear Planet uses an unique frozen energy generated by Frozen Core to develop a highly sophisticated technology and culture.

However, after centuries of squandering the energy source, Frozen Core is decaying to near exhaustion. Immigration to another planet becomes the one and only option. Scientists of Bear Planet has targeted another planet that is very likely to contain the Frozen Core. Thus the adventure for the Bear begins......


Being a very straightforward to even too blunt sometimes, Bob grew up not having a lot of friends nor be a successful bear. He grabs any chance that he has and hopes to change how other bears thought of him. He fought hard to be part of the mission and this is last chance to enter the hall of fame.


Usagi is a mysterious robot with a rabbit appearance. She communicate with bears using natural language and she is an expert in computing algorithms. She has been around and and helps at the science lab ever since the first record of the bears was made,though, nobody knows about her past.

Mission Control

Group of the brightest scientist and bravest soldiers from the Bear Planet. They are the mission’s research and execution team - the strongest backup team to provide tech support and resources that Bob needs during the mission. Like the rest of the bears, they still have some doubt about Bob but he is their best option to save the planet.

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